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What is PR and Why Does it Matter?

It’s a question that we are asked many times: “So, what exactly is public relations?” Public relations, or PR, is the art of sharing your brand or company’s story so your customers, partners and even employees can see that what you do matters and even more importantly WHY what you do matters. And regardless [...]

What is PR and Why Does it Matter?2018-11-14T07:47:51-06:00

Benefits of Speaking Engagements at Trade Shows

As part of a strategic marketing strategy, many businesses attend trade shows where interesting and high-profile speakers shared insider tips, clever advice and trending techniques. So, how do these professional business experts get cherry-picked to present on stage? The answer is simple - public relations professionals. Our PR and marketing professionals at Black Twig use [...]

Benefits of Speaking Engagements at Trade Shows2020-01-29T08:23:38-06:00

Role of Marketing in Sales

There is often a misconception about the role of marketing within the function of a business. What is marketing worth? Do I need marketing? How do I measure whether my marketing is moving the needle? These are all very good questions that are worth addressing when doing analysis of a marketing program for a company. [...]

Role of Marketing in Sales2020-01-29T08:23:45-06:00

Social Media Strategy Part Two: Engaging with Users

Once you determine which platforms to use, it is important to engage and listen to your fans. If you stick to publishing and skip engagement, you will miss out on an opportunity to organically grow your following by interacting with fans and reaching new audiences. Responding to questions and comments is a great way to [...]

Social Media Strategy Part Two: Engaging with Users2020-01-29T08:23:52-06:00