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Implementing a Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy for B2B

With the marketing umbrella quickly evolving to digital platforms, the traditional approach is losing its effectiveness. For B2B companies, this could make communicating with a potential customer even more difficult. Luckily, there’s a seamless tactic to connect with customers through different channels. Cross-channel marketing mixes and matches different channels to deliver a smoother customer experience, [...]

Implementing a Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy for B2B2020-01-29T08:22:14-06:00

Websites – Who are they for?

You already know that every company or brand should have a website, but do you know if yours is optimized for business success? If not, it’s time for a change. So, now what? A few pieces of information to sort out: Why do I need a new website? What’s the purpose? Am I trying keep [...]

Websites – Who are they for?2020-01-29T08:22:21-06:00

Social Media Strategies That Work: Success Stories

Cutex Instagram Instagram is a good social media platform for brands and companies looking to engage a consumer audience base by aligning visuals with the interest of target consumers. For Cutex Brands, a leading producer of nail care products since 1911, Black Twig saw an opportunity to harness the power of Instagram’s visual [...]

Social Media Strategies That Work: Success Stories2020-01-29T08:22:30-06:00

Social Media Strategies That Work

Social media began as a mechanism to connect with old friends, share personal photos and virtually express oneself, but it has evolved into something much more. It is now an extremely powerful tool that brands can utilize to not only reach their desired audience but connect with them unlike other marketing tools. Platforms such [...]

Social Media Strategies That Work2020-01-29T08:22:38-06:00