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Black Twig Marketing & Communications LLC is a

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integrating the disciplines of

Public Relations & Marketing, Web Development, Creative Services, & Brand Strategy

Black Twig delivers tangible, bottom line results across a broad spectrum of businesses, industries and practice areas. The agency works with clients locally, regionally, and nationally to determine specific needs, and develops unique solutions to drive awareness, raise consideration and build sales.

Black Twig Marketing


Strategic planning: the foundation of everything we do.

Before beginning any assignment for our new clients, we start with a planning meeting. This initial meeting brings together a cross-section of key individuals, such as heads of marketing, sales and operations on the client side, and account service, media and creative on the agency side. This roundtable discussion gives everyone an opportunity to dissect the basic truths about the brand as they begin to paint a picture of their product or service. The end result? A unified strategy that helps both the agency and client work toward common goals in all areas of sales and marketing efforts.

We believe that return on investment in public relations is measurable.

Our strategic public relations programs successfully launch new products, enhance reputations and manage issues and crises. We actively seek opportunities to integrate your’ publicity and media relations with your promotions, advertising and direct marketing to attain maximum impact. We are committed to analyzing media coverage, changes in awareness, modulations in attitude and other metrics to confirm that we are achieving results.

Unique thinking. Fresh perspectives.

From award-winning television and radio spots to print, collateral and web applications, and other traditional and non-traditional mediums, Black Twig has the resources to help your message stand out from the crowd and provoke a response.

Establishing a solid web presence is no longer an option; it’s a virtual necessity.

From web sites and banner ads to database driven e-commerce or social media, Black Twig takes your interactive message beyond the expected. We’ll create a personalized communications piece that speaks directly to the reader, not to the masses, and connects directly with your prospect. It’s the perfect mix of technology and thoughtful, provocative marketing.


At The Heart Of Creating Strategically Sound Communications

This process is oriented to the marketplace, to the client’s audiences. One of our clients has described the Idea Factory as “the closest thing to a scientific process for identifying strategy, outcomes and messages that lead to success.” The sessions are structured and facilitated by a senior partner with experience in research, account service, strategic planning and/or marketing communications.

Black Twig Marketing

Like the agency which bears its name, the Black Twig apple is a timely ripener, thrives in the most challenging conditions and never fails to deliver tasteful results.

We look forward to working with you.

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