Your business’ brand is the lifeblood of your corporate identity.

Maintaining a brand that’s relevant to your industry and resonates with your target audience is essential.

According to our Creative Director, Rafael Gomez, “Your company brand influences the feeling your customers have toward you. Keeping your brand fresh and on target shows them you take pride in yourself, so they’ll have confidence you will take that same care with them. Make sure you are always putting your best self out there.”

While there is no rule of thumb for how often you should be refreshing your brand, here are five signs that you may be ready for a rebrand:

  1. Outdated Visuals: Maybe you’re looking at your visual identity, and it’s looking a little aged. If your color scheme and logo feel outdated and don’t reflect your authentic brand personality, it might be time to consider a refresh.
  2. Market Changes or Expansions: As a company, your target audience might shift, and it could be possible that your current brand no longer resonates with your new audience. Or you may be expanding into new markets. A rebrand can help communicate your offerings and build a relationship with your audience.
  3. Internal Changes: Perhaps your company’s priorities have shifted. If your company has redefined its mission, vision, or values, a rebrand can be a powerful tool to communicate these changes to your audience effectively.
  4. Overcrowded Landscape: In a fiercely competitive market, having a brand that stands out and resonates with your audience can be a game-changer. If you find your competitors’ branding more appealing, it’s a sign that it might be time to reassess yours.
  5. Lack of Relevance: While it’s important to avoid jumping from trend to trend, if your brand does not feel relevant to current standards, it could be a good time to refresh it to remain engaging.

If any of these signs resonate with you when you think about your current brand, Black Twig can help. Contact Tom for a free marketing assessment to learn more about how we can build awareness, raise consideration, and drive sales.

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