Midwest Digital Marketing Conference highlights importance of social media

Each year at the Midwest Digital Marketing Conference (MDMC), hundreds of marketers from across the Midwest come together to learn from each other, network and outline ways to more effectively reach their individual audiences.

Social media is always evolving and has become a much more important component of marketing. It provides another way of telling the story of your business or organization to your audience, in an immediate way.

At MDMC 2019, there were a number of educational sessions focused on how to make the most of your efforts in a space where data is shared virtually every minute. One session that we thought would be beneficial to our audience discussed the guidelines to follow when using Twitter.

Among the topics discussed was knowing the difference between hashtags and mentions and when to use which.

  • A hashtag (#BlackTwigPR) is a way to join the conversation going on around something/someone. This can be particularly useful when talking about a topic, idea or event that may not have an account, or to communicate with others also interested in whatever it is you’re talking about.
  • A mention (@BlackTwigPR) brings that account into the conversation, effectively asking them to give their take as well. This is useful in many instances when trying to get in touch with a company, organization or person. By tagging them, you are asking for feedback to a question, concern or comment. This is often utilized by consumer business accounts for customer support, addressing issues easier and faster than traditional customer support practices.

Working on your company’s social media doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task. Its effective use can elevate groups, businesses and events to greater public awareness. When working with social media for your business, it is important to recognize that what you are doing is forming a relationship with your audience. So, above all else, keep your social media interaction intentional.

For more information on how to capture the attention of your audience, check out our blog Social Media Strategies That Work. If you have questions about social media planning or which tools are best used to reach your specific audience, give us a shout @BlackTwigPR or call 314-536-8906.

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