Philanthropy can help your company’s brand, improve employee morale

There always comes a point where a company, no matter how big or small, wonders when or if the time is right to start giving back to their community.

Once the time is right, what charity will be the best fit? Will the money or time be used effectively? If this is something your company is wondering, know that the time is always right and giving back can be just as rewarding for your company as it is the charity you’re giving back to.

Getting involved with non-profit organizations shows that your company is concerned for your community’s well-being. Plus, it demonstrates that you are committed to having a positive impact on the community that helps support you.

Giving back can also be a huge selling point to offer customers.
People like to support local businesses that they feel share the same values. That helps customers feel like the money they give you is benefiting their community in the long run.

Giving back can be just as rewarding for your company as it is the charity you’re giving back to.

According to a 2010 study by Cone Communications, 85% percent of consumers have a more positive image of a company who gives to charity, and 90% of consumers want to know how companies are supporting charitable causes. Although this is dated, it still applies today. Maybe even more so as the world has become much more philanthropic. The popularity of national days live Giving Tuesday are a testament to that.

Social media can be a great tool to show customers that you support the community or organizations that are dear to their hearts.

Whether it is a photo from a check ceremony or a video of your staff members volunteering for a day, these types of social media posts typically lead to positive interaction with your key audiences. Also, if these posts are shared by the charitable organization, it can lead to their followers starting to pay attention to your company.

The news media is also often looking for “feel good” stories and your relationships with local nonprofits may just fit the bill. If you think your philanthropic efforts will make a great story, let the media know.

Besides helping your company’s brand, giving back can also help improve employee morale.

According to a report from Hubspot, 93% of employees who volunteer with their company said they are happy with their employer. Employees want to work for a company with values, and one that cares not only for them, but also the community they live within.

Many of Black Twig’s clients have been giving back to their communities for years. Poettker Construction has raised close to $175,000 since 2017 for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Illinois through the Poettker Golf Classic. This has provided hundreds of children the opportunity of mentorship.

Architecture and interior design firm Oculus Inc. is also active in their community, supporting Joshua’s Great Things, which offers assistance to families who have a child receiving treatment for brain cancer. Oculus participates in the organization’s annual 5K race and helps with fundraising for the organization.

IWR North America, one of the longest standing building enclosure companies in the U.S., participates annually in KIDstruction Week, where St. Louis regional architectural, engineering and construction industries join together to support St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Companies pledge a certain amount of money for every hour they work during KIDstruction Week that is donated to St. Louis Children’s Hospital. More than $600,000 were raised during this week in 2021.

We all have a story to tell, and everyone loves a story that makes them feel good.

If your company is proud of its philanthropic efforts and would like to share your story with your customers through social media or media relations, give Black Twig a call at 314-536-8906. We’d like to help your business while spotlighting philanthropy and supporting many much-needed services or programs throughout the community.

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