While most businesses have focused on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the main social media tools to promote their messaging, LinkedIn is now becoming a vital channel as well, especially for business-to-business companies and employees. LinkedIn, a social media platform that facilitates professional networking, has been active for 15 years now, but its services are rapidly expanding.

Building an online professional identity and acquiring job opportunities are not the site’s sole functions like many people think. LinkedIn currently has over 500 million members in 200 countries and is starting to quickly surpass its job searching abilities.

The platform is heading towards being a content-driven haven for executives and their businesses, publishing 100,000 articles weekly. LinkedIn is essential for individuals who would like to grow their personal brand and network with other influential individuals. The platform even features an influencer program on an invitation-only basis that is similar to the verified feature on Instagram. If invited, powerful influencers can have their content seen more often as LinkedIn will place their content before others on the timeline.

LinkedIn’s business-to-business focus is an appealing attribute for those influential decision-makers looking for the ability to interact and help each other grow professionally. Because the platform is a professional networking site, members should list their job roles and employers on their profiles to increase visibility among potential business partners.

Video content is an up and coming feature used to create a higher level of engagement with brands, and LinkedIn has caught on to the innovative trend. To engage with meaningful video content and skip all the silly animal videos, then LinkedIn is the perfect social media platform.

This powerful platform was viewed as more of a job board when it first launched, but now it is a global workforce consisting of prominent executives and substantial content. Because of this, it is projected to continue to grow into a large competitor for the other leading social media platforms.

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