Cutex Instagram

Instagram is a good social media platform for brands and companies looking to engage a consumer audience base by aligning visuals with the interest of target consumers.

For Cutex Brands, a leading producer of nail care products since 1911, Black Twig saw an opportunity to harness the power of Instagram’s visual storytelling to attract a younger consumer base, ages 18-30, for the brand’s new line of nail polish removers.

Cutex plus black twig plus instagram equals social media marketing successBlack Twig created an Instagram page and strategy for Cutex with goals to attract more followers, increase brand and product awareness, increase consumer interaction with products in local markets, and drive additional local retailers to carry Cutex products.

This was accomplished through contests and product giveaways, mentions from bloggers, video blog influencers and radio DJs using the hashtag #SoCutex.

With this approach, Black Twig not only gained nearly 5,000 followers in just over 2½ years for Cutex, but also attracted the attention of Revlon, which purchased the company in 2016.

Dr. Bryce Rutter & Metaphase Design Group LinkedIn

The LinkedIn platform is an effective source for both brand Company Pages and Personal Pages to garner connections, generate leads, and spark engagement.

For Dr. Bryce Rutter, founder and CEO of a worldwide ergonomic design company for hand-intensive products, Black Twig positions him as a thought leader on design topics in the media and various industries to attract new clients for collaborations.

Metaphase plus black twig plus linkedin equals social media marketing successBlack Twig’s strategy is to grow his connections, increase brand awareness, and drive manufacturers to his company.

By leveraging LinkedIn’s Pulse feature where long-forum posts are created from his Personal Page, joining relevant industry Groups, and sending direct connection requests to professional contacts, Black Twig is able to position Dr. Rutter in an influencer role.

With Dr. Rutter’s Personal LinkedIn page showcasing his 55 published articles, 19 professional recommendations, 120 international design awards, and 117 patents, Black Twig grew his personal connections by 60% and his Company Page followers by 52% from 2016 to today.

MERS Goodwill Facebook

Facebook has a variety of features to help grow a business, that if properly utilized, can help a brand efficiently reach its desired target audience.

Through posting daily retail sales, do-it-yourself projects that can be made with items from a local Goodwill, and most importantly, the community employment programs, MERS Goodwill’s Facebook presence has dramatically increased with the help of Black Twig.

MERS Goodwill plus black twig plus facebook equals social media marketing successMany know MERS Goodwill as a leading thrift store but are not aware that the non-profit organization supplies Missourians and Illinoisans with skills training, jobs, and much more.

Black Twig’s Facebook strategy is to highlight MERS Goodwill’s extremely impactful mission and show their 10,000 followers why they should be shopping or donating.

In just the past two years, Black Twig has increased MERS Goodwill’s likes on Facebook by 43%, making it the go-to platform for company information.

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