Twitter was developed in 2006 as a micro-blogging platform. By sharing text-focused messages and posts called ‘Tweets’ users can share information with other users that ‘follow’ them. By following a user, their tweets and other followed user tweets show on a home feed collective of all the posts shared by each followed account.

Black Twig utilizes Twitter to help share a client’s message through strategic and calculated posting through the platform. Specializing in the owned media sphere, Twitter provides an online location for a company, organization or individual to share communication in a live, instant way with their audience.

Much like many businesses and organizations utilize a news or blog page on their website, Twitter is a place for someone to learn more about a company, communicate with them and develop a relationship with the brand. It also provides a number of opportunities to link to your homesite, which helps immensely with search engine optimization (SEO).

In addition to the company’s websites, Twitter becomes another avenue of communication with the people most interested in learning more. When a person follows the company’s account, you have a whole new audience reach. The user could retweet, like or comment on a tweet, exposing all of their followers to your account, expanding your own audience exponentially.

Many times, Twitter allows for a better system of interacting with the people most interested in a brand, business or organization. For example, customer service accounts linked directly to the brand’s account have become increasingly common. They can offer a more real-time response program to help solve customer issues, answer questions and give status updates on technical issues that may arise.

Where websites may crash, and customer service representatives can get tied up in helping resolve other customer issues, Twitter allows social media managers to help answer questions and resolve issues in a public way. By offering information regarding common questions and complications, often in a timelier manner, the public postings assist future customers that may have similar problems.

Black Twig manages multiple Twitter accounts for clients, helping to share key messages, reaching out directly to audiences and crafting an online brand presence. If you want to learn more about how the agency manages social media accounts for client success, give us a shout @BlackTwigPR or call 314-536-8906.

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