It’s a question that we are asked many times: “So, what exactly is public relations?”

Public relations, or PR, is the art of sharing your brand or company’s story so your customers, partners and even employees can see that what you do matters and even more importantly WHY what you do matters. And regardless of who you are, what your company does and how many people you employ, your story DOES matter.

Sharing your story is essential to your company’s success. It helps form your company’s brand and identity. Think about what you want people to think of when they hear your company’s name. Well, you can help determine that.

When there is positive news within your business, get it out there. Are you donating services or goods to a local charity? Share it! Did you just add to your staff? Share it! Did your company just hit a big milestone? Share it!

Your clients or customers want to know what is going on with your company, even when they’re not actively reaching out, so make sure you tell them. To stay top of mind with clients and prospects also helps put your company in a positive light, and that is only good for your business. Plus, getting your name and story out there are also essential to not only retaining old business, but also gaining new business.

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