Koller Craft Takes advantage of the Idea Factory


Koller Craft, a provider of injection molded plastic components, came to Black Twig in 2021 looking for help growing its business within new markets. After years of relying on its long history, great reputation, referrals and word-of-mouth marketing, Koller Craft participated in Black Twig’s Idea Factory to develop an effective, customized marketing strategy to spread [...]

Dairy Farm Biogas


Dairy Farm Biogas came to Black Twig in early 2022 looking for a full branding package for the company. Dairy Farm Biogas helps minimize the amount of manure disposed by farms (and the costs associated with it), giving the farmer the opportunity to turn their costly manure challenge into a revenue stream.With a tight timeframe [...]

Oculus Inc


When Oculus Inc. acquired a Portland, Oregon-based hospitality interior design firm in 2017, they came to Black Twig to promote the company’s expansion in the competitive West coast market. Over the course of Black Twig’s nearly five-year relationship with Oculus, media relations efforts have evolved from company announcements – including new market and sector entries, [...]

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