As the leading professional social network, LinkedIn has become one of the most extensive online resources for jobs, networking, and workplace discussions. 

Since launching in 2003, the platform has amassed more than 820 million users. But with a crowd, comes competition, controversy, and yes, even spam.

Whether you want to grow your following, increase traffic to your website, or get quality leads, LinkedIn can be a great avenue to build your business, if used correctly. As with any social media platform, you want to make sure your business stands out but does not overwhelm your audience.

One of the best ways to resonate with your audience is to connect with them through genuine interactions, authentic content, and real team members. The authenticity of your content is important to keep your audience engaged. While it’s good to show off your expertise to potential customers, you’ll want to make sure to build your credibility and trust through real-life experiences and thoughts. Maximize the human aspect of your business and connect with more people.

Know Your Goals
Not having a clear focus for your LinkedIn strategy can lead to inconsistent content and a lack of interest. Plan and outline what you’d like to get out of LinkedIn to make sure your posts align with those goals. Whether you’re trying to gain followers or increase sales, your messaging should be easily understood with clear calls to action.

Let Your Thought Leaders Speak For The Company
Your top performers are often your best yet underutilized resource. Let them speak on behalf of the company from their personal accounts to increase credibility, your following, and leadership among your competitors. This supplemental tactic breaks up your feed with new voices working toward the same goals for a mixed yet balanced content plan.

Show Don’t Tell
A good review or testimonial is a great way to help your audience see others’ experiences, but it doesn’t have to stop there. Share your expertise through your methods, best practices, and results. It’s understandable to want to hold back your secrets to success, but your ideal audience will value your knowledge, skill, and willingness to share.

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