To gain credibility with customers, it’s vital for businesses to reach out to third party sources.

The more visibility a brand has, the more profitable and trusted it will be. In fact, 90 percent of consumers will trust recommendations from people they know, and only 41 percent will trust advertisements*. To gain credibility with customers, it’s vital for businesses to reach out to third party sources.

Media placements are so valuable because they allow room for a third party – the media – to step in and experience your product or service. The media can then share that experience with readers, viewers and listeners, which allows a brand to connect with its customers on a personal and meaningful level.

Media placements not only add credibility to your brand, but your search engine optimization (SEO) improves as well. The more content that is circulating about your products, services and business, the better the traffic flow will be to your website. From there, you can influence your audience to learn more about your business, book an appointment, or become a loyal customer.

After a positive media placement has been published about your brand or service, there are a couple of key things you must do:

Share It
It’s vital that you share the media placement on your social media sites, website, in your e-newsletter, and sales collateral. That way, when customers want to see reviews and opinions from a third party about your business, you are able to easily provide compelling content for them.

Track It
Keep an eye on where the article is shared and posted. Customers may be sharing that media placement on their websites or social media outlets. By watching who is sharing the placement and when, you may have access into new audience members.

*Source: Pew’s Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project

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