An interview with a member of the media is one of the only opportunities for a company spokesperson to share messaging directly with an audience in his or her own words. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on the wording and mannerisms used by the spokesperson. The following is a list of essential strategies for ensuring quality results from media interviews:


  • Speak in easily understandable terms
  • Use facts and figures to demonstrate credibility
  • Prepare key messages regarding topics that are likely to be brought up during the interview
  • Take your time to answer questions thoughtfully

Do not:

  • Get defensive, confrontational or hostile
  • Criticize your competitors
  • Say “no comment”
  • Assume that anything is off the record

The value of a media placement that bolsters your company’s image in the eyes of potential customers cannot be overstated. If your company has an experienced public relations professional guiding the process and each of these guidelines is followed by the spokesperson, the media interview will provide a positive outcome for your company.

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