A new year can mean new strategies, tactics and tips

In the realm of social media marketing, popular practices can shift in the blink of an eye.

With constant developments in content creation and strategy, along with the amount of data available for analysis to gauge campaign success, keeping up-to-date on the best paths to follow can be daunting.

How can a company know which platform they should invest time in or how to effectively use content to attract consumers?

Knowing what trends are up-and-coming this year can be a valuable place for your business to start.

Dawn of the influencer industry

As of 2022, the value of social media influencers creating brand-specific content is worth over $100 billion, according to The Economist.

While influencer marketing, which involves collaborating with individual content creators across platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, is not relevant for every industry, it can make a significant difference in following and engagement.

In 2021, Black Twig was able to utilize connections with local St. Louis influencers to boost the following of social media channels for 9 Mile Garden, a Missouri food truck garden, by an average of more than 25% on each platform. More businesses may be following suit in the new year.

Boosting your ad dollars

A steadily increasing amount of consumers are relying on social media to advise their purchases.

This includes an estimated 60% of Gen-Z consumers who are getting their new brand, item or service recommendations from social media platforms, per a 2018 study by Composed.

Along with the estimation from Forbes that social media commerce will grow to nearly $80 billion by 2025, all signs are pointing to the increased importance of a company’s social media presence.

Plus, having the ability to strategically place advertisements and boost posts on social channels will also be essential.

According to Forbes, more than half of marketing strategists are planning to raise their investment in ad and post boosting in 2022, citing large ROI and general exposure by intentionally placing interactive content directly in front of social media consumers.

Using a personal touch

As more brands adopt social media platforms as a way to communicate directly with their customer bases, increased personalization and decreased structure have become popular practices.

Consumers want to feel like the brand they’re communicating with has individuality and personality, just like them.

Brands utilizing much less formal interaction with consumers and creating more relatable content and videos, many featuring members of the brand’s own community, will continue to find great success in building bonds with their customers in 2022.

The team at Black Twig understand how crucial staying up-to-date on social media trends can be for the success of our clients. We keep our eye on the constantly shifting tides, so you don’t have to!

If your company is looking to increase the impact of your brand on social media, call us at 314-536-8906. We’re standing by to launch your company’s social media efforts and deliver meaningful growth to your brand’s awareness.

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