Getting a new product noticed can be a challenge and getting featured on a national news segment is only a dream.

Not to Cutex, a leading producer of nail care products since 1911, who attained a segment on Today Show’s Bobbie’s Buzz earlier this month.  With a precise PR plan, a renowned stylist and the attention of a national news program, Cutex aced product placement.

The rewards of product placement can be astounding, if done correctly. Placing Cutex’s name in front of its target audience was the ultimate goal. The Today Show’s fourth hour with Kathy Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb focuses on entertainment, fashion and other topics for its female viewers, which is the ideal audience for Cutex. The one minute segment with style expert Bobbie Thomas focuses on trending beauty products. Despite the short segment, the outcome was enormous. Now, Cutex’s target audience is aware of Advance Revival, the first innovation in nail care in 15 years. The placement has led to increased sales for the company and great national exposure.

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