As 2023 comes to an end, the team at Black Twig took the time to dust off their crystal balls and look at what we think the upcoming year has in store for the Marketing and PR Industry. Read on to see what members of the Black Twig Team forecasted.


It’s no surprise that AI is at the forefront of many people’s minds. While generative AI is not a new concept, products like Chat GPT saw a significant increase in usage this year and don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Throughout the year, PR professionals and organizations such as PRSA have been discussing the role that generative AI should play in the industry and on PR teams. Generative AI seems to be becoming a cornerstone in shaping creativity as we see it integrated into more agencies took kits. By adding AI, agencies are taking advantage of more streamlined processes and a wealth of inspiration. It suggests a shift in how specific processes will look, from simplifying tasks to helping improve creative work. Rather than being feared as a disruption, many are viewing it as a welcome addition, signaling a future where creativity might find new dimensions to explore.

Content is King

The demand for content, especially digital, is constantly increasing. In 2024, this trend will continue to grow and provide businesses with an excellent opportunity to connect with their audiences and demonstrate their expertise. With the abundance of digital content, agencies will have access to valuable data that will enable them to develop data-driven strategies to enhance their value and impact. Many organizations are self-publishing longer-form content to establish a more robust digital footprint, enhance their credibility and visibility through SEO, and stand out in a saturated digital landscape. This approach not only helps businesses meet the increasing demand for content, but also strengthens their online presence.

Authenticity & Transparency

We are witnessing a growing trend towards authenticity and transparency that is changing the way we connect with each other. This trend is blurring the boundaries between advertisements and regular content through genuine interactions. As a result, video content will become more natural and less produced. A recent example of this was when the owner of Stanley responded to a TikTok video. Although the response was quick and unedited, it resonated deeply with the audience, demonstrating that the impact of authenticity far outweighs the effort put into production. This wave of authenticity is also driving the need for transparency, especially when it comes to collaborations, to ensure alignment with business strategies. Investing in people will continue to be pivotal as it fosters genuine connections that resonate beyond the confines of traditional marketing.

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As 2023 comes to an end, the team at Black Twig took the time to dust off their crystal balls and look at what we think the upcoming year has in store for the Marketing and PR Industry.

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