On April 1, Black Twig celebrated its 10th anniversary of client service.

While there is a decade worth of progress and great memories, the past year has been an exciting time for our staff, especially with our March announcement of new ownership. Partners Stephanie Flynn and Tom Gatti and newly named partners Nick Benedick and Lauren Freinberg joined current owner and partner Mary DeHahn as owners of Black Twig. Founding members and former owners Bruce Kupper and Randy Seeling have retired as of the New Year. Seeling will continue working at the agency’s Clayton, Missouri office as a transition consultant. Mary DeHahn, along with Stephanie Flynn, will serve as Co-Managing Partners.

As the public relations industry continues to evolve, this new partnership will open the door to greater opportunities for the clients Black Twig serves now and in the future. Black Twig has come a long way since its inception in 2006, and is thrilled at how 2016 is shaping up.

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