Tying media placements into social media can add to relevancy, bottom line

As many companies know, it is important for them to stay relevant in the media. Getting exposure through a magazine article, TV story or radio interview not only gets a company’s name out there to potential clients and customers, but it also establishes that business as an expert in their line of work and industry. Establishing credibility through a third party, like a media outlet, can lead to new business and a return on investment that could be substantial to the company’s bottom line.

After that media hit comes out, what’s next? Is that it? How can you make sure that your customers, employees and potential customers see or hear it? Posting this new content up on the company website is of course helpful and a must do, especially if there is a news section on the site. But, that’s not all. Don’t forget to post it on your social media platforms!

Updating a company’s social media account consistently will keeps those social media handles relevant with its followers. Linking to media placements can help keep the content fresh on platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Utilizing social media channels is an easy way to stay top of mind with those who truly have an interest in the company. After all, they would not be following the company’s social media accounts if they did not care about the services offered or their expertise.

Sharing news placements on a regular basis, also reminds followers that the company is an expert in this field, which only enhances its reputation. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are usually the best platforms for this, and don’t forget to check the media outlets handles as well. Did they post the story about your company? If they did, share or repost it! That engagements is also key to building relationships and content.

Media placements add to the credibility of a company and social media keeps that company top of mind (and news feeds) of current and potential clients. Consistently posting new stories on the company’s platforms is a win-win situation and can lead to more clients and more business leads.

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