What’s the Difference and Why are They Valuable?

A company becoming—or remaining—relevant in the media can make a huge difference on its bottom line. According to Nielsen, 90 percent of consumers rely on editorial reviews and press coverage to make purchasing decisions. Having a project profile or a bylined article run in a credible third-party media outlet is a powerful public relations tactic that is instrumental to driving brand awareness in today’s noisy digital world.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

Bylined (or contributed) articles are attributed to a source, like a key executive, rather than being anonymous. They are frequently used in PR campaigns to distinguish someone as a thought leader in their field or company. Essentially, individuals at companies become guest authors for a publication, focusing on a compelling topic that is of interest to its audience.

Positioning key executives as thought leaders drives credibility with target audiences by humanizing the company and assuring your audiences that you keep up with best practices and trends in the industries you serve. These articles are a great PR tactic when looking to highlight or grow specific departments, divisions or experts within a company.

Project profiles are a little more promotional by nature. They give audiences a snapshot of a specific project with valuable information on the conception, development and execution of an assignment. These placements typically feature challenges of the project and the company’s solutions to those challenges.

Project profiles also tend to rely heavily on visuals to help drive key points. For instance, a project profile on a new corporate facility might feature “before photos” to highlight a specific challenge faced in the project, as well as final photos of the project that showcase the company’s different skills and expertise.

Storytelling is at the heart of a compelling media relations campaign.

Project profiles and bylined articles are two critical tools in creating valuable third-party validation for your brand. The story you’re trying to tell will dictate which tool to use. In any case, both lead to free editorial coverage, as opposed to the direct promotion of an often-costly advertisement, and this can only be beneficial to your bottom line.

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