Perhaps it was an important company announcement on a news website? Maybe it was an interview about your product offering or company growth in a print magazine? It could be a TV spot or a radio roundtable on an industry topic or trend? There are many different ways to get in front of the media to build brand awareness and drive consideration for your business. All of the different tactics we’ll outline for you on our blog can have very productive results when your target audience matches up with the media outlet’s and your message resonates in way that causes the audience to find out more about your company. However, we can’t rely on everybody we want to see the exposure to in fact be exposed to it. So how do we reach those individuals? If they happen to not subscribe to a certain publication, or not see the TV spot that aired once at a specific time, how do we get these media exposures in front of the people that matter most to us?
Here are some of the best tactics Black Twig uses to spread the word:

1) Get it on your website – This one is the simplest and most often overlooked tactics for sharing a compelling media hit. Have a “news” or “blog” section on your site dedicated to company announcements and media hits.

2) Share it on social media – Depending on the nature of your company and your audience, different social media platforms are ideal for sharing interesting information. When sharing on a company page through Linkedin or Facebook, be sure to have company personnel “like” and “share” the news so it reaches even more eyes.

3) Blast it out – Sending e-blasts and e-newsletters that incorporate quality media placements is an effective strategy. It adds a level of third-party credibility to your sales efforts. Email marketing programs such as Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Hatchbuck, etc. are great tools for your sales team. These services are able to track who clicked on what, when and how often. This becomes a great way to separate warm leads from hot ones.

4) Develop leave-behinds – Are you going to a trade show in the near future? Do you go on a lot of in-person sales calls? Having an 8 ½ x11 one-sheet that features a timely media placement can resonate strongly with a potential customer.

5) Frame it! – Not only do 11×17 creative media clips look really great framed in an office waiting area, but potential customers are able to see your work published, strengthening your brand.