As part of a strategic marketing strategy, many businesses attend trade shows where interesting and high-profile speakers shared insider tips, clever advice and trending techniques. So, how do these professional business experts get cherry-picked to present on stage? The answer is simple – public relations professionals. Our PR and marketing professionals at Black Twig use their knowledge to locate, target and secure proper speaking engagements for the most targeted, focused events for your industry.

Public speaking engagements not only position you as an industry thought leader but also further your credibility. After all, the best resources available on any given topic are the business people who are currently succeeding in that field. By sharing useful information on a public platform, speakers improve their industry reputation, increase visibility for their company, and gain access to targeted networking.

To get the most out of the experience, preceding and following speaking events, professionals should interact with attendees who may be prospective or current clients, peers who could be business collaborators, and news media who can publish your thoughts in their magazine. While speakers can effortlessly engage with their fellow industry leaders, lining up press interviews at a trade show takes repetitive finesse. Who better to arrange those one-on-one discussions than PR specialists who already have professional relationships with the media.

While seeing your own expert thoughts and company’s name in a leading magazine is rewarding, there are additional benefits to presenting at a trade show. Speakers are granted the attendee list, which can be a useful sales tool for new business leads. Furthermore, especially at larger shows, event organizers will often cover the costs for speakers to travel, lodge and attend the event. Organizers will also promote your presentation, and by doing so, will promote you and your company. Lastly, your information will be featured on the trade show’s website, printed materials and social media. You can also share this information on your own social media channels, improving your value with potential clients.

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