Events benefit a company’s image, spread brand awareness, generate leads, and further develop brand loyalty with consumers. So, what’s the catch?

What business wouldn’t want to host an event? The catch is planning events requires careful preparation, personalized problem-solving, and dedicated time. Fortunately, Black Twig have become experts in creating successful events for participants, stakeholders, and our clients.

Establish The Target Audience
Understanding the target audience of an event affects the marketing strategy for every other element of planning the experience. Many of our clients host an abundance of events, and the target audience for each can be different. Some events have an extremely focused target market, while others aim to attract an entire city’s residents. Therefore, each event’s planning requires its own strategy and approach.

Coordinate The Venue
The venue is a major factor in the attendees’ experience perceptions. One Black Twig client, The Concrete Council of St. Louis, picks a venue that best emulates the event. For example, its annual golf tournament is held at Bogey Hills Country Club and awards dinners are often hosted at the Missouri Athletic Club. Polished venues reflect the Concrete Council of St. Louis’ high-quality standard.
Coordinating the venue not only includes the physical location, but also the logistics. We consider seating, spacing, presentation systems, etc. from the perspective of an attendee to ensure the event runs smoothly. A separate agenda is created for before, during, and after an event so we can be successful.

Plan All the Details
The theme is an extensive detail that sets the tone and can spark interest for an event. Coming up with a theme requires strategic brainstorming with consideration of relevant industry trends.

A detail that should be sorted out for most every event is sponsorship. There’s usually is an opportunity out there, but someone must initiate that conversation. Brainstorming less obvious sponsor possibilities is a useful exercise in event planning. For example, some sponsors might add value in a non-monetary way, such as securing news media partnerships. When involving sponsors, a framework must be laid out regarding the levels of sponsorship and what value that may garner for each party involved.

Additionally, there are marketing materials such as posters, banners, and branded giveaways that all take time to conceptualize, develop, and produce. Planning in advance allows us to create the products best suited for an event.

Promote the Event
Black Twig performs public relations (specifically media relations) services to promote events for our clients. Persistence in contacting media outlets helps land features in local media sources to spread the word about an upcoming event. This earned media attention is invaluable coming from a third-party news source.

While we are always happy to reach a large audience, we also know the impact of a more personal outreach. For audiences that have low variation year to year, a personal email to prior attendees who have not registered yet tends to be an effective method for standing out in a crowded inbox.

Finally, let’s remember that social media platforms also generate interest among potential attendants to an event. Facebook’s event pages serve as a useful platform for both the hosts and guests for communications and gauging event size and interest. A common mistake on social media is posting without engaging. Social media is a two-way communication platform, so being responsive to consumers’ questions and comments is critical in event marketing. Posting on social media about events should always center on what the consumer finds valuable. Being genuine and consumer-centric will make people want to follow along and join your next event.

Planning an event requires many different marketing skills and our full-service marketing agency has an expert for it all! For an event that checks all your boxes, call Black Twig at 314-536-8609.

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