The unique, proprietary data that your business uses on a daily basis can be an extremely valuable marketing tool.

By analyzing the data your company has collected, you can uncover trends in industry developments and customer feedback. Repurposing this information into useful content for your consumers and industry peers will appeal to a wider audience and expand the reach of your message.

For example, The Audit Group, Inc. (TAG), a leading supply chain and accounts payable consulting company for complex healthcare systems nationwide, is able to transform its collected data into actionable insights. TAG incorporates these insights into its marketing strategy by packaging the findings as actionable advice and sharing with its contact database through a regular email newsletter.

Where the Data Comes From
Important industry information, such as best practices or trends can be gathered from customers, regular business operations or the knowledge of experienced employees. Regardless of the source, it is vital to document this data for potential use in the future.

How to Harness the Data
Data that is relevant to your industry can be used in a variety of ways to appeal to a large audience while boosting your reputation as a thought leader among important demographics. This can be accomplished through direct newsletters, contributed articles in trade publications, internal blog posts on your company website or even brief social media posts.

Repurposing industry data through a variety of channels ensures that your business is making use of every available opportunity to stand out from the competition.

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