Influencers are an effective way to reach audiences with an authentic and credible voice.

While the strategies used to implement an effective influencer marketing campaign will differ by industry and company, influencers are an effective way to reach audiences with an authentic and credible voice. Cutex Brands recently partnered with celebrity manicurist Mar Y Soul for a media tour and received great feedback from beauty industry publications.

Influencer marketing involves putting your product or service in the hands of someone your audience trusts and looks to for industry news or advice. By engaging a prominent individual, your brand and its message are a step closer to reaching your target audience.

1. Where can you find influencers?
Influencers may be active on social media, frequently appear in print publications or regularly contribute to online outlets. The most effective influencer partnerships are not determined solely based on total audience reach; they are formed with leaders who have an active and engaged following.

2. How can influencers benefit my brand?
Your audience sees an influencer as an objective and human third party. When an influencer speaks about your company and your expertise, they help build brand awareness and add authenticity to your message. Their recommendation for your product or service encourages consumers to make a decision and, ultimately, sparks action within the sales cycle.

3. Is influencer marketing right for my business
While influencer marketing is an effective strategy for many industries and businesses, choosing the right influencer is vital. A consumer brand and a B2B brand will typically not partner with the same influencers. The first step to finding a beneficial influencer partner is to identify the audience your company needs to reach and who they engage with online.

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